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That’s Not Me!

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This platform was developed from the root and soul of what it means to be yourself and not accept labels from others. The adversities that most are faced with are based off of racism, discrimination, prejudice and trauma. Unsolicited labels place limited beliefs on your dreams and aspirations. Here is where you get to dodge those naysayers and address these allegations.

Together we strive to help each other. For those of us who are practicing balancing success, healthy boundaries, self care, and relationships all while maintaining our Devine identity; it can be a tough battle. You’re not alone. Lets’ talk about it and lets’ set some things straight on the That’s Not Me, A Sweet Black Girl Podcast.

Why is Everything Sweet?

Do you believe that we connect and thrive better when there is good energy? When you step outside do you present your best self and mindset? Have you been clear on who you are but constantly have had to face someone tell you that you are not? Have you ever had to ground yourself and find the true good within your soul? If so, you’re S.W.E.E.T! Sauced With Earthy Energy Throughout.

You have held your own, you have humbled yourself, you are grateful for life & life is sweet. Shanice created the persona, Shani Sweets after feeling misunderstood and misjudged by a former boss. The name calling and projection of who she was illustrated the complete opposite of who she truly is.

Adding ‘Sweet’ to her persona allowed her to control the narrative of how people receive her with guards down and without impulsive judgements. Being sweet is more than a taste, it’s an attitude, a feeling, a smell, and a way of being. Sweet is everything because everything can use some sweetening.

That's Not Me!

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