The Carolina Hype in Atlanta

The Hype Magazine event began as recording artists, label owners, media, and supporters crowded the studio space. Motivational speaker and host Game Over (Terrell Hubbard) was in attendance, recording superstar Raz B and a host of other major industry influencers. At the entrance is a sign-in, and you then are subject to be pulled in for a live interview with official Hype Magazine correspondents. Next door is a room of vendors selling their products and networking. Dejah Marie is an American Singer, Songwriter, Rapper; she was also the first vendor’s table at the event. Selling her bedazzled purses and flutter fly eyelashes, Deja Marie had on a different hat at the event. It was refreshing seeing music industry professionals hustle in another area of their brand while supporting their industry mates.

CoCo Filipina and Raz B

It is a second event for the two cities, starting from a prior media event held in Raleigh, North Carolina featuring, The Hype Magazine. All in one room were some of Raleigh’s powerhouse; DJs, managers, singers, media, writers, artists, entrepreneurs; Can you say, packed! You could see all the networking turning into net worth right before your eyes. The connecting factor between the two cities is correspondent and radio-personality, Coco Filipina. Coco Philipina dedicates her craft to the generation following in her footsteps. The mission is to take the music and the media of North Carolina to the next level. 

People from different parts of North Carolina attended The Carolina Hype event hosted at, The Hype Magazine studio. A complex building storing film sets, a recording studio, and editing suites. The building is approximately 20,000 Sq. Ft. There are multiple conference rooms and other creative spaces. The live stream room is where the magic brewed. After networking in front, everyone gathered in the performance area. Both DJ Scooby TV and WallyD TV of North Carolina are videographers and media heads, amongst having many other skills. The pair together are responsible for capturing the live experience. Coco and I co-hosted the show as DJ On-1 kept the vibes in rotation; we came down to bring the Carolina hype with us, and we understood the assignment! 

Digital Promo Genius, Dr. Jameelah Wilkerson, has plenty of experience with connecting, publishing digital media, and developing long-lasting talent. Unknown to many, she is the first of the first; when it comes to being responsible for the break of Soulja Boy aka Big Draco. For 26 years, The Hype Magazine has had success in the Hip-Hop and media culture. Catering to A list artist in the Atlanta market amongst other cities; however, things have changed. Since the pandemic, the music industry has altered how connections and relationships are upholding. Fortunately, the disconnect is budding into new ventures together for the sake of the new wave of talent. This merger is a step in a direction dire to the Black music and arts community, unity.

Dr. Jameelah Wilkerson and CoCo Filipina

Fletcher is for sure a star to check out from Charlotte, North Carolina. His voice has a tone with a smooth awakening melody; his performance even embodied an impromptu poetic dancer. Other performing artists are 2 AM RickyRise1UpTwinzLexxiMadam TraumaT-MarquiseFif Shang, and more. After a successful show and tour of the entire facility, it led to the after-party not far from the studio. Everyone seemed to be on the same high of the evening. Laughing, taking shots, networking (still), and ultimately having a good time. I can say it was genuine southern hospitality, not to mention the amazingly delicious ‘adults only’ lemonade!

Fletcher, Recording Artist

Next on the agenda, Carolina is coming back! This time with intention and some new faces. With the first time jitters out the way and learned from the experience, it’ll be better than before. More artists, more vendors, more media, and more HYPE! If you are interested in this event, you can contact CoCo Filipina here. You bring the hype, and you may be next to be signed. Are you the Carolina hype?

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