Fly By Nature

Freshman Fly

“When you see a shirt that says celebrate yourself, it doesn’t matter who made it. It’s about you.” – Juston

Juston Alford is the creator of a Raleigh brand that has taken off to new heights. Fly By Nature, lifestyle brand, came into fruition by a group of 14-year-old boys to represent a lifestyle. What seemed as another awkward high school freshman, was a brave and confident young man. Strong in knowing who he was and what he believed in, Juston was taught well by his father to be himself.

Juston faced typical battles against upperclassman as they used to tease him for his style of clothing. Suspenders, polo shirts, and the entire preppy look occurred from inspiration by seeing father well dressed. Juston realized that his father’s style wasn’t his complete look, but it was the beginning of something much more fly. Joining his friends in 2010, creating the Fly By Nature brand led to making his first piece of clothing in 2012.

Astro Fly

Juston first began with an astronaut inspired design and soon added the dragonfly design, which incorporated a bowtie as the wings. He knew two things; One is that instead of not being yourself that you should celebrate yourself. Two, he had two different styles he wanted to cater to, preppy and a 90’s inspired vintage style.

Juston recognized the need to celebrate individuality once he experienced bullying because of his choice of style in clothes. There were a few boys who decided that dressing like them was better than being an individual. Alternating back and forth between designs throughout the years, he mastered how to spread the message to celebrate in his creations and continues to use his voice to push that message.

Being Fly Never Stops

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a difficult time for various, but there has also been plenty of high moments for entrepreneurs. Juston, like others, has been impacted both in his personal life and in his business. Keeping his head held high and persisting forward was the only option and when his latest launch of shirts was pushed back due to the closing of his shirt supplier, he didn’t stop there. According to him,” a businessman never stops his business because of another person’s business.” Not worrying at first, Juston thought no one would want to buy clothing during these times, but being fly never stops.

Juston released a piece inspired by classic movie from the 90’s, Friday. On the day of the launch you could see Juston featured in a promo video for the release and was created by. Sitting on the back of a reddish-orange pick up with a box full of shirts next to him embracing buying customers as they admired the Big Worm illustrated Fly By Nature shirts.

Juston’s anticipated expectations were exceeded on the release this time around. Selling out easily, almost as if the people were waiting on something dope to drop by the company. “I had to get a special order when I saw the new design,” said a reoccurring customer. Despite the circumstances, Juston has been able to keep his passion going and keep his customers happy. He does do anything to only create revenue, but instead to go against the odds and deliver a genuine message to the community.

Mentally Fly

Put your shipment in a box not your mind

Elaborating on his experiences during COVID 19, being a Black man and in business, Juston notices now more than before, how much people neglect the black man’s pain. There is no doubt that there has been an extreme amount of outcry by the Black community against injustice and systematic suppression. He continues to express how the Black community has been attacked because of others’ fear that doesn’t have to exist. Having good role models and reading countless educational books, has encouraged Juston to develop a resilient mind. What most Black men and women have been molded to believe, his resilient mind has followed a certain idea of manifestation.

Since the day he walked on the school bus, earbuds in but silent, and he heard the other kids snickering at his clothing, he has stood his ground in fashion and his lifestyle. Educating himself on what may try to hinder his success and continuing to pursue his craving for stylish positivity, Juston is on his way to imprinting greatness.

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