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Instagram Live Interview

Skylar Mystique’s warm and humble voice hopped on the line to set up an interview giving a glimpse of who the bright talent is. An aspiring model, singer, and graphic designer interested in everything creative and media-driven.

Skylar Mystique
Skylar Mystique

Skylar was agreeable to do an Instagram interview instead of in-person to follow safety precautions and social distancing. Laughing with stylist and friend, Lala, she hosted a “get ready with me,” on her Instagram Live. She dressed in a rustic orange jumpsuit with cream stripes and applied a natural make-up look to her already glowing face.

A DMV native and Frostburg State University alumni, Skylar Mystique, is known locally for her quality work and drive to succeed. Her former schoolmates hopped on the Instagram live interview commenting, go Bobcats. Commuting to pursue her passions became less of a hassle for her after graduating. The Coronavirus put a halt to some of her endeavors but not for long as she depends on what she knows best, being a go-getter.

Slightly after 3 P.M, Skylar joins the scheduled Instagram live interview, baring with me as I attempt to spell her name correctly for a pinned comment. She pops in with an energetic and positive vibe, greeting everyone with a beautiful smile with her lips painted with a nude brown lipstick. Flipping her cool grey faux locs as she pounces down onto the couch in her home, she begins to tell people about her new single.

The premiere of her latest record, Our Generation, featuring rapper, Kase Cobain was on the day of the interview, “it’s based on Black Lives Matter,” Skylar said.

Stating her favorite line, “If you want to hurt them…do it economically…that’s why they burned down black wall street,” unsatisfied with her initial verse, she wrote another verse in the car before arriving at the studio. As a result, she created a powerful message. 

Always in preparation mode, there were two flyers created by her company, Oasis Branding, to advertise Skylar’s’ appearance for the interview as well as the record. One flyer included a voiceover with Skylar introducing what the interview would entail, while the other was a clip of the new song and had a moving element as well. 

Created by Skylar Mystique, CEO of Oasis Branding
Budding to graciousness

Skylar runs her fingers through her cool grey locs as she begins giving tips on how to enhance your business visibility and navigate on Instagram towards success. 

“So, when you’re developing your social media, make sure you are engaging and posting three to five times a day; that’s important,” according to Skylar.

She dives deeper into the do’s and don’ts of engaging on social media, watchers began to engage more and one person comments, “there is no need for photoshop you are beautiful.” 

Skylar laughs and responds, “not for our faces, I’m a graphic and web designer,” as we continue to snicker together.

She continues to promote her business and brand, she talks about self-love. There will be a full project that will be coming soon, Done Talking, inspired by her journey and experiences with bad relationships, anxiety, and depression.

Sweet Noise Chronicles Podcast

Neila Rebekah Charles @n.r.c_pro

With the current climate and challenges the black community experiences daily, there is a demand to shed light on these issues with positive undertones. Skylar enthusiastically talks about her upcoming video for her previously released single, Heaven, inspired by her friends going through traumas and loss of loved ones depicted in 2020. She will be working closely with a new production company, N.R.C to bring the vision to life. N.R.C is an acronym for New Roads Created.

Collaborations have the huge benefit of lightening the load and expansion. Partnered up with brilliant creator, Neila Rebekah Charles, Owner of N.R.C has budded into a power move. Expanding their abilities to work with a broader clientele ranging from D.C to N.Y.

Rebekah eagerly agreed to join in the converse of self-love. Open to letting us in but standing firm on protecting what she has accomplished in gaining her solidarity with oneself. During the podcast, she boasted about the connection between women and what it means to find self-love in your nationality. She experienced many ups and downs with self-love but it wasn’t until recently she found herself loving herself even more because of her choice of solitude.

Flowing with the divine

Haitian native and Brooklyn resident, Neila, similar to Skylar, is also a triple threat. She has a sweet tone of voice with an authentic Haitian accent. She navigates through her career as an actress, Broadway dancer, and creative director, also focusing on providing a space for creatives of the Black community to access high-quality production resources at an affordable cost.

The duo is amazingly talented and creatively hilarious. Exploring with photoshop, they recreated the Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s Wap cover art by swapping their faces in place of the celebrity rapper’s.

It makes sense why the two have partnered up. Talking about their own experiences and journey to self-love, you can pinpoint commonalities to each other.

Check out both Instagram Live interview with Skylar Mystique and the podcast episode featuring Skylar and Neila Rebekah Charles.

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