Young Entrepreneur Overcomes the Ageism of Society

It seems that the blame of the world lies on the shoulders of the younger generation. Regardless of if they are old enough to barely nudge social economics. How many times have you heard statements claiming the issues are because of the young?

In the year 2020, there are continued massive movements against pre-existing unlawfulness, injustice, and systematic oppression that has resulted from those who were here before. There are approximately 6 living generations on this earth and therefore the traditions can be drastically different, specifically when it comes to the choice of work.  

Whether it is social media careers, hosting events, bitcoin, or forex these type of approaches to financial gain has completely blindsided older generations in the last 10 years. They have also proved many naysayers wrong.

The popular stigmas about the younger generation are laziness, entitlement, or brainwashed by new technology.

In history, many people dream to start their own business but never figured out how to do so but Kaprice Harris has figured out what works for her and many successful business owners around her; moral values. 

Pray, Manifest, and put in the work. According to Kaprice, “ People pray but their inconsistent with everything else that matters,” she believes you not should you pray but you also have to believe in your prayer as if it has already happened and of course you have to do the work to match. 

“God doesn’t do anything alone and I’m always on his team”. – Kaprice Harris

Kaprice’s team ranges from God to the support of her family, to the continued team up with others aspiring success. Sharing the knowledge and valuable information that has contributed to her successes is not something she is afraid of.

Kaprice Harris is a self-made boss. No mistaking the word “no” for its over, Kaprice doesn’t let anything nor anyone keeps her from her goals. From her very first job as a grocery store cashier, she knew how to recognize what was not for her. At age 5 Kaprice celebrated her birthday with a family cookout, however, while everyone else ate hamburgers and baked beans, she ate a grilled lobster tail, per request. 

The twenty-year-old hairstylist and entrepreneur have always known who she is and what it is she liked. A normal nine to five would not suffice for her goals of being a boss and she didn’t want to wait to figure out if it could. In 2018, Kaprice joined Pink Mafia, a group of girls in the Raleigh Durham area who host and promote events. Joining Pink Mafia opened doors that she didn’t think was possible to walk through, it was then she realized how much of a businesswoman she was. 

Kaprice became hands-on with booking events for the team and networking with some of the hottest DJs and eventually branched off into branding and marketing for other projects. Now Kaprice is all booked up with her business Queen’d By K, where she specializes in natural soft loc extensions as well her newly launched swimsuit line, Dare 2 Be Nude.

Click below to take a look at how a young boss gets things done.

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