Being restless is getting old and being overworked is a disgrace to what it means to live a full life. Quatia Mallard Snipes knows how to work around both. Quatia follows her beat and uses her spiritual beliefs to create reoccurring me-time. As a wife, MBA degree holder, budget analyst, and business owner, Quatia is no newbie to hard work and dedication. Being raised by her grandparents and the rest of her village she was also instilled with faith.

In the United States of America, there aren’t any laws encouraging a work-life balance and it is proven facts that the workers of this country receive little to no support by the government to ensure worker’s rights. In a land said to be free and filled with the right to choose, when it comes to working life there is more of an ultimatum, either you follow the rules, or you lose your job. No one wants to not be able to feed their family, but everyone deserves paid time off, sick leaves, and peace of mind. The list of what U.S workers do not receive compared to other countries has been hefty since the 1950s.

Ultimately it is up to the individual to find the time and create a space away from work for family, values, spirituality, or at least a clear conscious. Quatia Mallard Snipes has been able to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic just as many others in the U.S, however, there is still a need for separation of her work life and personal life inside her home.

Quatia is an all-around creative. From photography to event planning to paint her nails and toes, she does whatever she can to feed her creative calling. According to Quatia, “I don’t want to sleep at work, I want to sleep in peace. The only way I can do so is by setting time aside to find the cadence to peace”. Quatia believes marching to the beat of her drum is what has contributed thus far through childhood traumas, college stresses, and her current work-life balance.

A particular form of creativity that Quatia stands solid beside is music. Since childhood, music has filled her soul with faith and has always provided tranquility. Not a hit recording artist, although she could be, Quatia is very musically inclined alongside her husband who DJs, plays instruments, and produces music. Quatia was also a part of the dance team while attending UNC-Chapel Hill.

Busy as she may be, Quatia continues to use music as a balance whether she is working, reading, or painting there is music; or sound seducing her into a meditative state.

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