It is all about a vibe! Everyone in the world knows we deserve to relieve stress, whether it’s a relaxing bath, soothing meditation, or dancing it out on National Dance Day, we all need it sometimes. Meditation has been the key to my journey in self-care and healing. There are many assumptions about meditation like, it takes years to accomplish, everyone’s not capable, or that it simply does not work.  

All of these suggestions are false. Meditation can be easily accomplished by anyone at any time. When using meditative techniques, you can immediately reverse anger or negative thoughts in moments. It is as simple as stepping aside and taking a breath to yourself before reacting undesirably.

Studies show meditation has had significant positive results on those who suffer from stress as well as other health issues. Stress causes feelings of defeat or failure and being unable to control your stress level can lead to more serious health risks. 

You are here to win. At Sweet Noise Chronicles, we are shedding light on healthy ways to live happily in life. Giving you tips and places where you can go to try out some new vibes.

Here are five forms of meditation that can be easily practiced by anyone. When you’re done trying a few of these techniques, you’ll feel like a better and happier you. 

5 Beginner Techniques to Meditate

1. Listen to the Vibe

Sound meditation is a huge practice for dealing with anxiety. Tibetan Singing Bowls are used to release vibrations through the soul as you focus on the chosen mantra.

If you are in the Triangle area in Raleigh, NC, you can check out at Cirque De Vol, where Rebecca Benedetti, owner of Down To Earth Beauty, instructs her Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath. 

2. Higher Vibes

Seeking a form of elevation or becoming a better you, whichever you prefer, both can be accomplished by using Transcendental Meditation. One of the more focal practices that is best accomplished through being taught privately, unlike other open practices. Private sessions can help you understand gestures and their purpose.

Helps relieve of stress and has been found to reduce issues affecting Hypertensive African Americans.

3. Vibe Through Love

It is easy to learn the form of meditation that allows access to kind-loving attitudes. Aiding with anger, frustration, resentment, and interpersonal conflict, you will learn how to send and receive love messages. Using your mind to transport an unspoken understanding of love for one another out to the world and targeted people.

4. Mind Your Vibes

Mindful Meditation is the most common because it is incorporated in other meditation practices. Also, just as easy as it is to become distracted this practice can be applied when you’re in line at a store, at work, or when you open the fridge to see the same food from the last 30 minutes.

Also, helps with improving focus, memory, reducing negative emotions, impulsiveness emotional reactions.

5. Inhale The Vibe, Exhale Everything Else.

Did you know your emotions affect your breathing and that there are specific ways to help breathe correctly? Find out how here.

Breath Awareness Meditation means focusing on breathing only. There is no chanting or sending of messages, it is simply inhaling and exhaling deeply. I said earlier how easy it was to tackle meditation, but is this not the easiest? You’re doing it right now, and all you need is practice and remembering to show your lungs some love.

The Sweet Spot wants you to be healthy and happy and vibe it out with one of these easy access meditation techniques. Try one out, relieve some stress and SHARE!

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